Quick Look at Storm Models are Showing End of Next Week

Just a quick post before I head out…

The storm out of the next week that I think has the best shot at becoming a major storm somewhere is at the tail end of next week into next weekend, as the -NAO will break down allowing confluence to weaken over the northern US, giving storms room to amplify and move north.

The European model is similar to yesterday afternoon’s run, showing a storm running up the coast or just inland, with some snow likely in the mountains of VA, WV, MD, PA into NY and New England.

The GFS model is actually fairly close to the European model, showing a decent area of low pressure tracking up the eastern side of the mountains, spreading snow to areas well inland and a good amount of rain to anyone east of the mountains.

The overnight CMC run, on the other hand, traps the energy into the southwest (shown above, next Friday evening) and does not show a storm over the eastern US till the end of the run, which is the beginning of the following week.

This storm will be one to watch for areas inland, however I’m going to continue to insist that with no -NAO and a pattern dominated by the Pacific, the big east coast cities will likely see rain if this storm does occur.

That’s all for now, yesterday’s full post is below.

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